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How to Choose a Plumber

You don’t need a plumber everyday, but when a crisis strikes, you’ll want to be ready to do some research in order to hire a good one. In fact, looking for a plumber before an emergency happens is the best thing to do as this means you will not be in a rush when making a decision. Certainly, you will want to get this right the first time out, or you might just face even more serious issues later on. And your family’s well-being and security is, of course, the priority concern.

If you’re searching for a plumber, below are the most vital points you should cover when screening prospects:

Length and Depth of Experience

There are many enthusiastic and promising new plumbers out there, but if you don’t want to take a risk, you’re better off hiring someone who’s been in the business for a minimum of five years. The fact that they were able to handle the competition for such a period of time, proves that they’re doing it right. More experience means the plumber will know how to approach difficult or rare problems that a newbie may not know how to fix. Experienced plumbers are also likely to know how to provide better customer service, especially in relation to warranties.


To provide professional plumber services, plumbers need a state license, and that goes for all subcontractors and journeymen. A licensed plumber is not automatically a good one, but it tells you that they have been vetted by state authorities and that you will have a proper forum in which to file a complaint in case you need to. To get some facts about plumbing, watch this video at

Insurance Coverage

Never hire a plumber who is not insured, both with liability and worker’s compensation coverage. In some states, plumbers are even expected to have bonding, so do look into this. Again, an insured plumber isn’t automatically a good one, but it does mean that you will be protected should there be an accident that causes property damage or an injury, visit and discover more here!

Checking References

This part is very important. Keep in mind that these people are going to be right inside your house. Ask them for at least three former clients that you can call and talk to. If they hesitate, take that as a very serious red flag and walk away.

Customer Service

Customer service is no more than the manner in which a company deals with its customers. Ring them yourself and observe the way they answer your questions. Cover this when you talk to the client references they provide you with, and read online reviews as well. When reading reviews, make sure you stick to popular third-party consumer websites though - marketing websites are most likely to offer biased, if not outright false, information, you can also read more here!

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